Nice to meet you, we are Teli­us!

Why we started

Despi­te the tre­men­dous growth in this busi­ness, we have faced pro­blems with incon­si­stent qua­li­ty parts, which resul­ted in dis­sa­tis­fi­ed part­ners.

When we did it

We wan­ted to change this, so Teli­us was aqui­a­red mid 2017 in order to pro­vi­de busi­nes­ses in the mobi­le repair mar­ket with the best qua­li­ty parts avai­lab­le.

What we did

We explo­red the mar­kets in depth with hund­reds of sup­pli­ers to choo­se from.
This took a year with a start-stop appro­ach.

How we did it

After a lot of effort, we part­nered up with the right manu­factu­rers and sup­pli­ers that can pro­vi­de us with parts, devices and acces­so­ri­es that meet our qua­li­ty stan­dards, week after week.

What we find important


We have per­so­nal­ly selec­ted and instruc­ted all of our manu­factu­rers and sup­pli­ers. Next to that, we con­ti­nu­ously moni­tor the qua­li­ty of all our manu­factu­rers and pro­ducts so we can make sure they meet our stan­dards and you will only recei­ve pro­ducts with the hig­hest qua­li­ty pos­sib­le.


A good rela­tions­hip with you, our part­ner, is very impor­tant to us. We think fre­quent com­mu­ni­ca­tion and inte­rac­tion with our cli­ents is requi­red to see what is impor­tant for them and how we can impro­ve our ser­vices and pro­ducts. You have a direct influ­ence on our qua­li­ty as a cli­ent.


We are always wor­king on impro­ving and deve­lo­ping our busi­ness with focus on high qua­li­ty. This gua­ran­te­es you that today’s order will not be dif­fe­rent than next week’s order. Keep an eye on our web­si­te to get the latest insights in our stock and trends.


We want it to be easy for you to pla­ce orders. We have the­re­fo­re made the order pro­cess on our web­si­te quick and insight­ful. You can see the avai­la­bi­li­ty of the desi­red pro­ducts on the pro­duct pages, make an offer on them and cre­a­te a Pur­cha­se Order in minu­tes.