You can only see the pro­duct pri­ces if you have an account. You will be able to see all pro­duct pri­ces in the pro­duct over­vi­ews after log­ging in to your account.

Are you an unre­gis­te­red visi­tor? You can easily cre­a­te an account in a few minu­tes. You will be able to see all pri­ces after we have appro­ved your account.

Ple­a­se note that you must be regis­te­red as a com­pa­ny to be able to shop at Teli​us​.se

You can easily pla­ce an order by following the­se steps:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Search for the desi­red pro­ducts by using the menu on top of our web­si­te
  3. Sub­mit an offer by naming the pro­duct, quan­ti­ty and price
  4. We will respond with a con­fir­ma­tion and instruc­tions

If you pla­ce your order befo­re 16:00 on a wor­king day (Mo. – Fri.), we will ship your order that same day. Orders pla­ced after 16:00 will be ship­ped on the next wor­king day. Pro­ducts that are not in stock will be ship­ped as soon as we have recei­ved and tested them in our ware­house. You can ask for the esti­ma­ted deli­ve­ry time during the order pro­cess.


You can return a pro­duct by sub­mit­ting an RMA request at ‘My Account -> RMA (returns). You will recei­ve a PDF file after sub­mit­ting the request, ple­a­se enclo­se this docu­ment in the return pac­kage.

We do not offer returns for new con­su­mer electro­nics; we recom­mend to con­tact the manu­factu­rer ins­te­ad. We offer returns for used electro­nics that do not live up to the stan­dard we adver­ti­sed.

Ple­a­se com­ple­te the­se steps if you have recei­ved an incorrect item so we can check and fix this as soon as pos­sib­le:

  • Take one clear pho­to, ple­a­se make sure that the SKU is visib­le on the pho­to.
  • Open an RMA tic­ket on our web­si­te by log­ging in to your per­so­nal account.

Ple­a­se note that any issues should be repor­ted wit­hin 2 wor­king days (Mon. – Fri.) after deli­ve­ry.

You can sub­mit an RMA request at the ‘My Account -> RMA (returns) on our web­si­te.

Ple­a­se make sure to read our return poli­cy pri­or to com­ple­ting the form and ple­a­se make sure you com­ple­te all steps. Returns wit­hout a sub­mitted RMA request, returns wit­hout the RMA docu­ment enclo­sed and/​or incom­ple­te returns may take long­er or may not be pro­ces­sed at all.

We always try to pro­cess your return as quick as pos­sib­le. Ple­a­se keep in mind that a return might take at least 5 wor­king days after the arri­val of the pac­kage in our ware­house. You can con­tact our custo­mer ser­vice or your per­so­nal con­tact if you have not heard from us wit­hin 10 wor­king days.

It is stan­dard pro­ce­du­re that the reim­bur­se­ment is paid in the form of sto­re cre­dit. More options are avai­lab­le in some spe­ci­fic situ­a­tions. You can find all refund terms & con­di­tions at our Return Poli­cy & Ser­vice page.